Penske Truck Rental relies heavily on the right media channels and messaging to get movers to take notice and reserve trucks. The average person moves once every seven years with no shortage of options for how to do it. From highly recognized rental competitors to full-service professional movers, Penske Truck Rental is but one of many considerations.

Among this competition, we embarked on a challenge to raise the brand’s profile, doing it entirely online -- where our presence had been quiet -- having just reinvested marketing dollars here the year prior.


Penske Truck Rental believes that a newer, well-maintained truck and excellent customer service can make the difference between a terrible moving experience and a great one.

To connect with movers, we met them in the very places visited in the weeks leading up to a move, from contextual sites like Zillow and Trulia to larger networks like AOL. Under the platform of “For the love of your stuff,” multiple messages across all screens convinced movers to go with the truck rental company that is as dedicated to taking care of their belongings as they are.

We also employed contextual and behavior retargeting tactics to stay in front of our target market. We even designed and produced unique, engaging content for social media channels -- like Facebook and Vine -- to expand our reach and engage movers and non-movers alike.


By analyzing performance on a consistent basis, we’ve optimized to the top-performing placements while geo-targeting advertising based on demand. Through this concentrated digital approach, Penske delivered over 760,340,811 impressions, more than tripled their Facebook followers, and lifted awareness by 13.5%. In doing so, organic search traffic grew 9.3% and generated 400,000 more branded searches than 2012, giving more people the right idea for how to move.


To kick off moving season, Penske ran a homepage takeover on and mobile takeover ads during the course of the year.


Targeted banner placements ran on sites like Trulia,, Zillow, and Facebook. Certain placements allowed customers to begin the quote process from the banner ad.


Four moving tip videos featuring culture and design blogger Jeanine Hays, and a series of three holiday Vines featuring Vine star Zach King


Penske trucks dressed up in Halloween costumes in October.